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Studio Dakina Yoga Den Haag

Experience is the university of life
— Old man in the Philippines

In our western culture we tend to want to 'experience our understanding' rather then 'understand our experience'. 

While appreciating our western mindset, that values understanding, DAKINA offers, through the recognition of presence, a tangible and direct way back into our bodies, into the experience of what is itself. 

From here there is an opportunity for exploring and participating in our experience directly, not based on preconceived ideas we might have about our experience, about yoga, our bodies, ourselves or our lives but in allowing our natural intelligence to again, speak for itself. Direct experience reveals direct knowing, which transforms into true understanding from the inside out. It speaks immediate through our bodies, as ourselves and in the way we live our lives.

I invite you to come and experience for yourself and welcome you to come and work with me.